One hundred million singles sold worldwide, an ever growing fan base reaching to all corners of the globe. Maroon 5 have become one of the biggest musical acts on the planet.

Appealing to young and old alike and covering several different styles of music across 6 albums. The multi-platinum Pop/Rock band from Los Angeles continue to produce massive hits and collaborations as they have done for the past 15 years. In front man Adam Levine they have one the true superstars of modern music and an idol for millions.

So.....what are they missing you might ask? They've got the songs, they've got the money, and they’ve got the looks, the fame and fortune. What more could they ask for? What keeps them awake at night?'ve guessed it; they don't have a top notch tribute band worthy of the name.......UNTIL NOW!

Introducing Maroon 4 - The definitive tribute to Maroon 5, made up of four extremely talented musicians with years of experience and success in the tribute business. Maroon 4 deliver the full Maroon experience, performing all of the massive hits including "Moves Like Jagger", "She Will Be Loved", "Sugar", "Maps", "One More Night", "This Love", "Payphone" "Don't Wanna Know" and many more with unerring accuracy so that you can get your fix of Maroon 5 live at your local events.